Why do you wake up every day?

Every day, we wake up and get ready. We then commute to work, spend hours working. We finally go home and rest a short time, before doing it all over again. We are creature of habits and, have all our own routine, a predictable pattern we feel comfortable with. But, is that all? Is it really what we aspire to do and achieve?

Why do we wake up every day? Why do we do the things we do? What motives and inspires us to look and move forward? Don’t we want to do more? Don’t we wish today to improve ourselves? Don’t we want to learn something new every day, do better and be happier than yesterday?

When Stu Mittleman began running across America, he wished to explore his physical and mental abilities to go to the distance. When Raz and Kathy Vaughan began their journey to become the first people ever to yo-yo the Arizona National Scenic Trail, they wanted to push bodies, minds, and relationship to their limits, and experienced the raw emotions of being human.

When Meb Keflezighi lined up at the start of the 2014 Boston Marathon, he had his mind set on being the first crossing the finish line to honor the victims of 2013 bombings. When Matt Woodrum, a young boy suffering from spastic cerebral palsy, showed up at the Colonial Hills Elementary School, he just wanted to finish the 400-meter race.

Mittleman, Vaughan, Keflezighi and Woodrum had personal goals to accomplish but, through their dreams and achievements, they touched and inspired many, including me, to follow their steps and aim at becoming the best of themselves.

When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak ideated Apple, they challenged the status-quo and invited us to think outside the box, to think different. When Bill Gates and Paul Allen formed Microsoft, they gave individuals the tools they needed to be more productive and better themselves. When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, he brought in our homes the largest collection of books available on earth. When Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook to college campus, he enabled opened communications between people from all around the world.

Jobs, Wozniak, Gates, Allen, Bezos and Zuckerberg had a clear vision and, a reason to wake up every day. And, their visions have changed our way of life.

So, why do you wake up every day?


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