The concept of EZ-Agile Project Management came from a brief discussion I had over a cup of coffee a couple of years ago. Challenged by my Project Management Office, I was tasked to design a program dashboard providing our Executives a visual representation of the health of our projects.

Gathering the requirements for this Program Overview Dashboard, I soon realized no Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Project Management solution would allow me to automatically capture and present both the traditional earned value management analysis outcomes and the Agile/Scrum methodology performance metrics.

I therefore discussed the idea of designing an integrated agile project management solution with a friend of mine; a solution that would allow all key stakeholders (scrum team members, scrum masters, product owners, resource managers and project managers) to provide their inputs. The tool would then combine, calculate and build the program dashboard I was asked to build.

A year later, a beta version of what has now became EZ-Agile Project Management was implemented. Naturally, as any beta version, we had a long way to go to call it a viable product, and make it available to a larger user community. And, so, early 2016, we began internally using it for own projects. This helped us working out the quirks of beta version. As people say, we had to eat our own dog food.

We hope the design, development, testing and documentation effort we allocated to EZ-Agile Project Management would provide benefits to Project Managers facing the same challenges we wanted to resolve.

And because, we understand the need for a product to be rigorously tested by more than a few end-users, we decided to offer a no-cost and ads-free edition of our application.

Our objectives are simple:

1) Enable you to provide us your feedback and recommendations so that we can continuously improve our solution

2) Empower you to support our project.

3) Pay the Agile Project Management community forward

We welcome your feedback.

The EZ-Agile & Advencys Team