Free Project Management Software

EZ-Agile Project Management is designed with four (4) core values:
1) Comply to both Project Management & Agile Methodology Role and Responsibilities
2) Break the language barrier between Project Management and Agile methodology
3) Empower the Application Users to contribute to the Application Roadmap
4) Facilitate the Evaluation of Current Application Functionalities


EZ-Agile Project Management is released under three (3) different editions:

1) The Community Edition provides the core functionality to:
· The Project Manager to define and manage agile projects
· The Product Owner, the Scrum Master and Team Members to manage the Product Backlog, as well as define, plan, kick-off and execute Sprints.

2) The Standard Edition extends the Community Edition by providing Product Backlog and Sprint Advanced Reporting and Data Export capabilities.






 Define and manage Projects and associated Tasks
· Manage teams and resources
· Define, groom and manage a Product Backlog
· Define, Kick-off and mange Sprint
· Conduct daily scrum
· Import from XML, HTML or Microsoft Excel Backlog Items and Sprints
· Report on Sprint execution, tasks and projects
· Offer all the Community Edition functionalities
· Manage and Enable User Authentication
· Print generated reports on Resources, Sprints, Tasks and Projects
· Export to XML, HTML or Microsoft Excel Product Backlog and Sprints

For more information, about each edition, refer to our FAQ and the detailed Functional Mapping Table.