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Q: FREE, really?

A: Yes. EZ-Agile Project Management Community Edition is completely FREE. No hassle. No advertisement. 100% FREE. When we decided to release a commercial-free edition our application, we decided to empower our users to be the ones deciding if we hit the mark, and arm them with the capability of directly supporting our project.


Q: Who can use EZ-Agile Project Management  ?

A: Because EZ-Agile Project Management complies to both Project Management and Agile Methodology, the application enables all agile project stakeholders to provide inputs and updates to the project plan. The Scrum Team Member updates the tasks s/he is assigned to, including updating task description and the level of effort (actuals, remaining). The Scrum Master manages Sprints and conduct daily scrums within the application so that progress and risks can be monitored and controlled. The Product Owner ensures the team members work on the tasks providing the highest business values to the end-users and organizations. The Project Manager is empowered to effectively initiate, plan, monitor and control, as well as report progress on its projects. The Resource Manager can view and easily report on resource assignments, current and future loading, and work with the Scrum Master and Project Manager to make any adjustment as need be.


Q: I am a Project Manager, can I use EZ-Agile Project Management for managing Waterfall project only ?

A: Yes. EZ-Agile Project Management is designed to provide all the tools Project Managers need to successfully manage their Waterfall project. Project Manager can a) create project, tasks, and define task relationships, b) view and manage the project through Gantt chart view, c) monitor the overall heath of project using the traditional performance metrics (AC, PV, EV, CPI, SPI, TCPI, TSPI, etc.), as well as d) generate detailed project reports. For more information, refer to our EZ-Agile Project Management Functional Mapping Table.


Q: I am an Agile Practitioner, can I use EZ-Agile Project Management  to better communicate with the Project Managers?

A: Yes. EZ-Agile Project Management is specifically designed to break the language barrier between the Project Management Office and the Agile Teams, while remaining truthful to each methodology. The Team Member, Scrum Master and Product Owner leverage the Agile / Scrum methodology and associated terms (e.g.: sprint, backlog items, etc.) and underlying key performance metrics (e.g.: story points, sprint burndown, velocity, etc.). The Project Manager leverages the PMBOK® Guide best practices to monitor and control the project, and measure the project performances (e.g.: earned value, cost variance, schedule variance, cost performance index, etc.). All Project Stakeholders gain insights into each respective methodology nomenclature, lingo, and associated performance metrics

Q: I am interested, where do I start  ?

A: Simple. 1) Select the EZ-Agile Project Management edition that best address your project management needs: refer to our EZ-Agile Project Management Functional Mapping Table. 2) Download our Community Edition, or Purchase our Standard Edition  on 3) Install your EZ-Agile Project Management edition following the instructions of our Installation Guide. 4) Accelerate the configuration of your project using our Free Settings File or Free Sample project Files available on our library. 5) Read our detailed User Guide to best leverage EZ-Agile Project Management.


Q: I want to support EZ-Agile Project Management, what do I do ?

A: You can help us fund our continuous improvement and development by donating to the EZ-Agile project. Go to Support This Project. We appreciate your help.


Q: I want to contribute to EZ-Agile Project Management, what do I do ?

A: We continuously look for opportunities to improve our solution and provide the best integrated agile project management solution for PC! If you would like share with our user community a) your personal experience using our alternative solution to Microsoft Project, b) the EZ-APM Settings you leverage for your projects,  c)  your enhancements requests, simply send us an email at, and we will be glad to review and post your inputs on our website.


Q: I want to be hands-on and help to the development of EZ-Agile Project Management, what do I do ?

A: Hands-on support ! Great! We already have a laundry list of enhancements we want to develop, validate and document so that we can offer the Agile Project Management Community, an even better solution. So, don’t be shy, and send us an email at